School Council Minutes


School Council Meeting Tuesday 20th November 2018


Class Councils - The School Councillors told the group what their classes had talked about in Class Councils.

Planning - The children quickly realised that in order to act on any of the ideas that they would need to have some money for example to buy some new toys for the playground.

They talked about how they could raise this money. Everyone agreed that planning something for the end of term linked to a Christmas theme would be a good idea.  


Action - The School Council wrote a joint letter to Ms Atkinson asking if they could talk about their idea with her and invited her to their next meeting.


The next meeting is provisionally set for Tuesday 4th December.




School Council Meeting Tuesday 6th November 2018



Recycling - The School Councillors are keen to help our school get better at recycling.

Posters - The children worked hard during their lunch time, making recycling posters for classroom bins, to help adults and children know exactly what can go into them.

Class Councils - The School Council would like to say “Thank you” to the classes who have sent notes from their Class Councils with ideas to make our school even better. They will talk about some of these ideas at their next meeting.


The next meeting is provisionally set for Tuesday 20th November.



School Council Meeting Tuesday 9th October 2018


Each person introduced themselves and said what class they were in. We talked about why children wanted to be School Councillors and answers included- “I want to help everybody, I want to help share kind hands, I want to make the playground better.”


How can we make our school even better?

We had lots of ideas including –

A climbing frame in the playground, new bikes, more books in the classrooms and library, a separate bin for packed lunch children to use.

We also talked about recycling and how we could make our school better at it.


How can we raise money to help pay for our ideas?

It was exciting talking about our ideas and some of them made us laugh!

Sponsored Santa Run in the playground, Football Goal Scoring competition, Cartwheel Show, Ice Skating Show, Colouring Card competition.


The School Council look forward to hearing back from Class Councils about the ideas above.



The next meeting is provisionally set for Tuesday 6th November.