Balfour Infant School

Ethos and Values




  • We are kind and helpful to each other.
  • We share with others.
  • We care for each other in the community.
  • We support charities to help others. 
  • We ask for help if we need it.
  • We keep ourselves and others safe by: for example walking in school, being careful on stairs, looking after each other in the playground and parking with consideration for others.
  • We make everyone feel welcome at our school.
  • We aim to make our school a happy place.
  • We value each other - everyone is important.
  • We give praise. 

We value RESPECT


  • We listen to each other. 
  • We take turns when we wish to speak.
  • We respect our differences.
  • We include everyone - no one is left out.
  • We care about our environment both in and out of school.
  • We respect each other's property. 
  • We treat each other fairly.
  • We aim to tell the truth at all times.
  • We respect different religions and cultures. 
  • We treat others how we would like to be treated.
  • We say "please" and "thank you".



  • We come to school on time and ready to work. 
  • We can work independently.
  • We can work and play together. 
  • We are partners in education.
  • We will try to do the best in all that we do. 
  • We aim to inspire and motivate learning.
  • We take responsibility for our own learning and behaviour. 
  • We learn from our mistakes.

Balfour Infant School, Pattens Lane, Rochester, Kent ME1 2QT
For all general enquiries please contact our Headteacher Ms D Atkinson
Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Ms D Atkinson
For all enquiries relating to SEND please contact our LINC Mrs M Forbes
Our Data Protection Officer is Ms D Atkinson

Tel: 01634 338280