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School Council Minutes


School Council Meeting Minutes

Monday 13th May 2024


  • School Councillors were thanked for meeting with the Governors and representing the school so well.
  • Reminded children of the three key roles of the school council:
  1. a) To collect the views and opinions of their class on given topics.
  2. b) To represent their class through sharing their opinion in school council meetings.
  3. c) To feed back what is discussed and decided in school council meetings to their class.
  • School Councillors shared any ideas that have come from their classes:

     * Some skipping ropes have been broken so we all need to look after them a bit better,

     * More playground equipment such as hula hoops and larger balls.

  • We discussed how Ms Atkinson was introducing new playground equipment and games over the next few week for us all to enjoy.
  • We discussed sending a message out to parents about us collecting pencil cases for Africa. We would not give a deadline but just collect them in over Term 6. Once we have a good amount we can send them to Africa.
  • School councillors had some time to discuss ways of fund raising so that we have some money we can spend on the school. Ideas that were discussed and offered included:
  1. Flower sale
  2. Cake sale
  3. Guess how many sweets and in the jar. This could be football themed to link in with Euro 2024.
  4. Sell ice poles on the playground after school or 10 minutes before the end of the day.
  5. Make and sell key rings.
  6. Have a penalty shoot-out at playtime. How many goals can you score? We could charge children 20p or 50p to take part. Maybe a winner from each class gets a prize. Link to Euro 2024.
  7. Playground fair games for one playtime – Children pay 50p and can take part in a range of activities (hook a duck, golf, basketball etc)
  • Ideas to be shared with Ms Atkinson and then we will discuss our final idea at the next meeting.



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