Parent Information

Home School Agreement:

We decided to develop our Home School Agreement to make it  something more far reaching. So after consultations with staff, parents, governors and children we developed our "Belonging to Balfour" document. We wanted our Home School Agreement to incoporate our whole school community and inlfuence how we in turn feed out into the general community.  Everybody involved with the school is required to sign a copy and in that way all who sign up must try their best to live up to its expectations. In doing so, we will help all of our chidlren to develop into well-rounded people.

Childcare provision

Medway Family Information Service produces an Extended Schools Portfolio for each school; the portfolio promotes quality, affordable and accessible childcare to parents. If you would like information regarding playgroups, childminders, afterschool clubs etc. please feel free to pop into the office to view our school’s portfolio.