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At Balfour Infant School we believe that our personal, social and health education (PSHE) programme alongside our Relationship, and Sex education (RSC) promotes children's personal, social and economic development, as well as their health and wellbeing. We want to enable children to become healthier, more independent and more responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to take part in a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the curriculum, contributing fully to the life of our school and community.

We aim to provide our pupils with a PSHE curriculum that allows them to learn to recognise their own worth, work well with others and become increasingly responsible for their own learning.  They reflect on their experiences and understand how they are developing personally and socially.  It gives children an understanding of the rights and responsibilities that are part of being a good citizen.

The children experience the process of democracy through participation in Circle Time activities and discussions, and the School Council. We teach children both about their rights and responsibilities and an understanding of British values. They learn what it means to be a member of a diverse and multi-cultural society. We want personal development to be a central part of our curriculum. It is one of the essential “skills for learning and life”.


The objectives of PHSE at Balfour Infant School are to enable children to:

  • Know and understand a healthy lifestyle
  • Be aware of safety issues
  • Teamwork skills and conflict resolution
  • Have respect, empathy and tolerance for others and the environment
  • Be positive, active and responsible members of the school community
  • Develop independence, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop effective and fulfilling relationships, respecting the differences between people.



We use a range of teaching and learning styles to meet the PSHE requirements outlined in the DfE PSHE Guidance. Personal development is nurtured in our whole school environment through the examples set by the children’s peers and the adults they meet in school. We emphasise active learning by including the children in discussions, investigations and problem-solving activities. We encourage the children to take part in events that promote active citizenship, for example fundraising for specific charities, art projects and exhibitions. We enable the children through discussion to set agreed classroom rules for behaviour and conflict resolution and display these alongside the Golden Rules. We offer children the opportunity to hear visitors, such as local clergy, the police and health workers, whom we invite to the school to talk about their role in creating a positive and supportive local community.


Key Stage One

We teach PSHE in a variety of ways:

  • PSHE in Year 1 and Year 2 is taught as a separate subject as laid out in the Medium Term Plans.
  • PSHE is also taught as part of a cross curricular approach across the school through adult support in work and play activities, assemblies etc.
  • PSHE is provided for through the School Council.
  • PSHE is delivered in Circle Times based on the SEAL framework and medium term plans.


Early Years Foundation Stage

We teach PSHE in EYFS as an integral part of the curriculum. The PSHE aspects of the children’s work are related to the prime and specific area objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals (ELGs). Our teaching in PSHE matches the aim of developing a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development as set out in the Prime ELGs. Citizenship skills are supported in EYFS, when we cover the Specific area of Understanding the world.



Outcomes in PSHE demonstrates a broad and balanced curriculum which ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to become responsible citizens who have the skills and knowledge to make positive choices. This evidence of their learning is seen in the PSHE floor books. All children will thrive as individuals, have developed the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, have a positive mindset and be confident and successful learners.


What do our children think of PSHE at Balfour Infant School?

Year R child: “You can be kind and help someone when they are hurt or miss their mum.”

Year One child: "In Year One we have been talking about being kind, like if you are playing and someone is on their own then you can play with them. We had to draw our family. Everyone's family is different.”

Year Two child: “In PSHE, we learnt about personal space and how it is important to think about people's personal space. We know we can talk to a trusted adult if we are worried or sad. “


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