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Governor Day Snap-Shot

On Monday 9th March I had the pleasure of being part of a group of 6 governors who visited the School as part of Balfour’s annual ‘Governor Day’ and I am delighted to report back to parents & carers on the fantastic work going on at the School. 

What we did:

  • We were lucky enough to start the day by meeting with some very polite and enthusiastic School Council members. We enjoyed chatting to them about what makes them proud to be part of this School and we learnt a lot through our discussions with them about their views and their ideas for future improvements.
  • We had the opportunity to pop into a variety of classrooms on our ‘Learning Walk’ and were very impressed by the exciting lessons taking place, the level of care and support by staff and by the pupils’ positive attitudes towards their learning.
  • We were presented with data and information about pupil progress, and future plans for development, in English, Maths and EYFS by Ms Watson and Miss Webber, and appreciate their time and dedication in answering our questions and sharing their very inspiring ‘visions’.

It was a busy and informative day and we would like to thank Ms Atkinson, and all the staff and pupils, for making us feel so welcome.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the suggestion box in the school office, via which you may share any ideas or questions you may have for us. Alternatively, to find out more about the role of a school governor, then please visit the school website.


Leanne Gale



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